Science Mock 1 Questions For BECE 2022 Candidates | PAPER 2| Solutions Added

Science Mock 1 Questions For BECE 2022 Candidates | PAPER 2| Solutions Added

Getting prepared for exams is an important tool to helping learners to pass an exam. Mock Examination becomes a necessity for final years to solve in order to abreast with the kind of questions they will meet and ways of  answering such questions. Most learners fail exams because of their inability to solve mock questions.

This is a Science Mock questions for BECE 2022 candidates who are preparing assiduously for the upcoming examination.

Go through and solve to test your ability.




1(a). The diagram represents a system. Study it and answer the questions on it.

Female organ

i. What does the diagram represents and explain it 3 marks

ii. Name the parts I to V 2 ½ marks

iii. State the functions of I to V                                                                                             2 ½ marks

iv. Which part does fertilization takes place 1mark

v. Which part does implantation of the embryo takes place 1mark

b. The diagrams below show some instruments used in the laboratory.
Study the diagrams carefully and answer the questions that follow



i. Identify each of the instruments labeled I, II, III, IV and V                               2 ½ marks

ii. State one use of each of the instruments labeled I, II, III and IV                      5 marks

iii. Read and record the volume of the liquid in the instrument labeled V             2 ½ marks


(c) The set-ups below show an experiment to investigate a scientific phenomena



i. why was the water in the set-up B boiled?                                                                           2marks

ii. Explain the function of the oil on top of the water in set-up C                                       3marks

iii. State the purpose of the rubber stopper in the set-up C                                               2 marks

iv. Which of the set-up did rusting occurred? State reason                                                 3marks


d) The diagrams below represent a farm tool and a farm practice. Study them and answer the questions on them.



i. Write the name of A, B, and C                                                                                              3marks

ii. Label the parts N, P, Q, R and S                                     2marks

iii. List any two other methods of applying C                          2marks

iv. State the type of C being used on the plant                            1marks

v. State one use of device A in applying C to crops                    2 marks




2 (a) i. Define respiration                                                                                                                        1marks

  1. ii) State two differences between the types of respiration 2marks

(b)i Differentiate between potential energy and kinetic energy                                                            2marks

(ii)A body of mass 100kg moves with velocity of 8. Calculate its kinetic energy                      2marks

(c)(i) Explain the term electronic configuration                                                                                  2marks

(ii) State two differences between protons and electrons                                                                2marks

  • State four importance of soil water 4marks
  1. a (i ) Explain the following

α)  ecosystem

β)  adaptation

µ)   habitat                                                                                                                                        3marks

(i) State three adaptations each of a fish in its habitat                 3marks

  1. State four uses of the periscope                                                                                                             2marks

c (i) Differentiate between hard water and soft water                                                                                 2 marks

(ii) State two advantages of hard water over soft water                                                                            2marks

d  (i) Explain the term fertilizer application                                                                                                 1 marks

(ii) List four methods of fertilizer application                                                                                            2 marks

  1. a. State four importance of the carbon cycle 2marks
  2. Explain the following

(i) soil structure

(ii) soil texture

(iii) soil porosity

(iv) soil capillarity                                                                                                                             5marks

c.(i) Define a compound                                                                                                                               1 mark

(ii) State three differences between a compound and a mixture                                                                    3marks

  1. (i) Define frictional force 1mark

(ii) State three applications of friction                                                                                                          3marks


  1. a. (i) Differentiate between transpiration and photosynthesis 2marks

(ii) State three importance of photosynthesis                                                                                           3marks

  1. (i) Define a force                                                                                                                                    3mark

(ii) State three effects of  a force                                                                                                                    1½ marks

  1. (i) List two causes of permanent hardness of water 1marks

(ii) State three ways of softening hard water                                                                                          1½ marks

  1. (i) Explain the term cultural practice 1mark

(ii) List four cultural practices in crop production                                                                                     2marks

6 a. (i) Explain the following

α) Biennial crops

β) Perennial crops                                                                                                                                                2marks

(ii) List two examples each of biennial crops and perennial crops                                                                2marks

(b) (i) What is the meaning of roughage?                                                                                                     2marks

(ii)  State two benefits of roughage in our diet                                                                                            3marks

c (i) Differentiate between pure science and applied science                                                                       2marks

(ii) State three methods of  conducting scientific research                                                                    1 ½ marks

d (i) List the particulate nature of matter                                                                                                  1 ½ marks

(ii) Explain the reason why atoms are electrically neutral                                                                       2marks

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