Why your smartphone’s battery drains fast-How to fix it!

Why your smartphone's battery drains fast-How to fi it!

Do you know why your smartphone’s battery drains fast? Smartphone Battery drain is a headache for every mobile phone user. Most users can’t comprehend why their smartphone’s battery drains faster than it should be.

After unboxing your new device and seeing the cuteness of what you got for yourself as a smartphone, no one will tell you the fun you will have and what you are expected to do with the smartphone, nonetheless your battery life cuts sharp in your mind. So you ask yourself, will my battery drain fast or not?

Surfing the net, taking selfies, listening to good music, capturing videos, and having fun on social media like Snapchat, TikTok, Instagram, etc cannot be fun if your battery drains like rainfall. I have some great tips to help you solve all these battery drain challenges.

  1. Adjust your screen backlight:

The battery drain can be corrected when the screen backlight is checked. Every smartphone will drain the battery when the screen doesn’t turn off early. If the phone is not in use, it is better to turn off the screen using the power buttons (for most Smartphones). In addition, a user can set the backlight timing to 15 seconds, thus the screen automatically goes off within that stipulated time.


  1. Turn off keyboard sound and vibrations:

As a smartphone user willing to make changes to your battery drain issues, you need to do this now. Most users always want to see the keyboards with lights, especially those with the “Yam phone” and hear their keypads’ sound as they type. All these drain batteries need to be turned off.


  1. Avoid charging and using a smartphone:

Your battery life is in great danger if you do this. A high percentage of smartphone users put their cell phones on charge and use them at the same time. If this happens, there is pressure on the battery which will destroy the strength of the battery. Hence, drain the battery. I believe people want to stay online and do their online stuff. People want to get updated and so stay online to tweet, WhatsApp, TikTok, etc. But I advise you to charge your phone and have time to be online than take that risk and destroy your battery.


  1. Delete unused accounts and apps:

Installing every app you see is not the best option for mobile device users. You need to have apps that need to run on your phone. Redundant apps should be uninstalled as soon as possible. So after reading this, delete apps, not in use and clear accounts that are not useful.


  1. Turn off or restrict background apps:

Battery drain is because most apps run in the background. To control this and help save your battery life, you need to go to your settings and turn off the app background. This goes a long way in solving your battery drain headache.


The aforementioned tips will help control your battery drain and improve your battery performance. Take action now!

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